Discover How to Spot a Card Cheat Before They Steal All Your Money!

Discover How to Spot a Card Cheat Before They Steal All Your Money!

I love to play cards. There are many games I like to play. But, I am not a gambler. When I hear someone tell that they beat the casino with their card, I get excited. I imagine myself as a gambler and how exciting it would be to get that hand of aces or something.

But, I bet you don’t think I sound like a true gambler. Right? But, there is another sound reaction to cards not being paid for. Whether it be at the casino or at your local card desk, lots of players have a story or story that they heard a friend of a friend doing.

Sometimes the pit boss might hear about it and be made to feel a little uncomfortable. So, we get told what to do. “Be alert and understand that it’s okay to ask for your money back from the person who cheated you.” This usually adds to the rumor that the casino places minders at the tables to keep an eye on the action.

The fact is that card counters have a very distinct advantage over the house. When casinos take away the middleman and charge a fee for a service, there is no way they can compete.

Card counting is a math-based strategy that lets you get the odds in your favor. The fees for the card counting is usually kept low compared to the odds advantage the player has.

Card counting is not illegal. However, casinos are against cheating and it is to their best to see card counters go away with their money.

When I hear about card counting, I hear about cheating. When I read about cheating, I sometimes want to believe that it can’t be done. When I hear about how card counting is legal, I start to wonder if cheating isn’t illegal.

–>”Card Counting is Not Cheating” says the disclaimer on all the card counting products I see. But, I still wonder about certain things. Why can’t a card counter just play at the casino and play the game the way it is suppose to be played? Why can’t a card counter use his knowledge at the table to his advantage?

Lots of people work very hard to learn the game, but doesn’t take advantage of all the advantages the game offers. When I hear about a case of cheating, I can’t help but think that it was accomplished by the use of electronic devices that can help analyze the game and aid in the cheating.

When I hear about certain cases of card counting, I am inclined to think that there was some cheating involved. I don’t believe that cheating is the greatest idea in the world. On the other hand, I am willing to bet that cheating is prevalent just about every time I hear about a new case of card counting.

When I hear about certain methods of card counting being illegal, I almost giggle imagining the smart ass government that would issue a216 prohibiting such devices.

But, I am not ignorant. Realizing that technological advancements can be applied to the game and the internet, I am inclined to say that card counting is not cheating. Especially if the players use marginal logic and common sense.

Besides, policies seeking to prohibit the use of certain devices in blackjack games are just bluffs to legitimate government. It is hard to prevents the violation of the rules in any casino game. The game is designed to be played with the least amount of care. Card counting is not cheating.

If you know how to count to 21 and do it perfectly, surely you have greater chances of beating the game and walking away a winner. You would have better chances of beating the game than randomizing or cheating in any game in the casino, like roulette, slots, craps, or baccarat.

There is no statistical formula for card counting. It is not about increasing a set factor. It’s about keeping track of a statistic and figuring out the odds to beat the house.

If a card counter were to use hi card counting method, he would have to actually memorize every card in the deck. Loose counting, on the other hand, is about having a high degree of accuracy at high speed. You can’t count in a hurry.

Casinos are fully aware of the possibility of card counting. That is why they go to great lengths to prevent card counters from conducting their games. Card counters are either kicked out of the casino or have the deck of cards handed to the player without any shuffling ever taking place.

The reason the deck is not shuffled is because the casinos want the cards to be random. Randomization means that the cards will not be likely linked together. Otherwise, the casinos would be losing money, and losing it fast.

There are also Bolagila that use more cards altogether. At the higher limits, some casinos may even have 40 cards in the deck.